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A clean, simple theme from the creators of Respond

Tension is a clean, simple theme from the creators of Respond. It features a simple Bootstrap-based layout, a dynamic slide-out menu, and support for all the built-in widgets that ship with Respond. The slide-out menu in Modern is the hallmark of the experience. It uses CSS3 animations to animate the menu icon and a smooth transition to slide it from the side.

Bootstrap 3.0

While it might not look like Bootstrap, Tension is 100% Bootstrap making it easy to configure for your personal site or business.


Tension adapts so that you get the same great experience on any device you use. All features work as well on a TV as it does on a mobile phone to provide your users with ultimate flexibility.


While the design is minimal, the features are not. Serene supports all the features built-in to Respond including search, events, locations, and the shopping cart. Care has been taken so that each feature works great with the theme.

A Beautiful Home Screen

There is no doubt that a site's home screen makes a lasting impression. Tension gives your business a slick, polished home screen that will make a great first impression.

A beautiful design for your business or personal site

Tension was hand-crafted to make your business or personal site beautiful. The large callout image provides a strong visual introduction to your site. And, it is completely configurable so that it matches the theme of your business. The color palette projects a strong, professional image, and the interactive elements in the theme provide an element of surprise and whimsy that takes full advantage of emerging web technologies. And, because it is powered by Respond, you can be confident that the theme will grow with your business and you will have full control of your content.

More Details

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